Studio FLX

Floortje Wartenbergh, designer of Studio FLX' jewelry. Born in Amsterdam's art quarter (1970)

"I design jewelry for both women and men made from various pieces of leather with zamak*, most easy to handle, magnetic locks (* Zamak is a zinc based alloy with aluminium, magnesium and copper).

All designs are my own, I never look at other jewelry designers work. Not because I am arrogant or not interested in other people, but I want my inspiration to come from other things like nature, people, colourcombinations in fashion magazines, fabrics etc. So for me this is the best way to know that every design comes from my own creativity, not that of others.

Do you want something special? Tell me your jewelry wishes and I will do my utmost to make them come true! Depending on material availability, slight varieties in especially leather and charms may occur of which I will always inform my customers beforehand.

I hope you will enjoy looking at and eventually wearing my jewelry. And if you're not fed up with reading's some of Studio FLX' history:"

Studio FLX...or how there's no holding down a creative spirit...

"At the age of 10, my dear granny took me to a beadshop in town and I guess that's where my jewelry making 'career' started. I made earrings, necklaces and brooches. At the annual 'Queensday-market', a Dutch holiday in honour of the Queen's birtday, when markets are being held in every town to sell second hand and homemade goods, I sold my first products to my mum, granny's, aunts and neighbours.

Then for a while, it was more of a hobby, alongside many others....
Life happened: school, study, travelling, jobs, a husband and two beautiful daughters.

Until one day I was so fed up with working in an office (no creativity at all!) that I quit my job.

Studio FLX started in august 2003 as a workshop for teaching jewelry making. What a great job: teaching other people what you love to do yourself. After stumbling upon a small leather shop in Málaga, South of Spain in 2007 a change was slowly but surely made from teaching to designing. I had been looking for a new challenge myself and all the different colours and variaties where so inspirational, I could not stop my creativity from floating. So that is how my collection of leather jewelry first started. Leather is a wonderful material, I hope you like wearing it as much as I love working with it!"

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